Window Fans

Window fans are the ideal choice for people without air conditioning. However, window fans can also make any room more comfortable, with or without air conditioning. Designed to sit in an open window, these fans are often the fan of choice for older buildings, college dorms, add-on rooms, and more. With so many benefits, it is easy to understand why sales are so high on window fans. As you will discover, you have a huge choice of styles.


This particular window fan features three speeds, with reversible blades. Other features include an automatic on/off thermostat, illuminated pilot light, five-wing propeller, rotary dial, intake and exhaust airflow, and more. The window fan has safety grills that meet OSHA requirements, polypropylene accordion, style expanders, and is available in white or gray. The mounting dimensions are 21 inches high by 8 inches deep, with an adjustable range of 22 to 37 inches wide.

Dual Blower

This three-speed window fan is another with a special, no-peek thru design. Available in ivory for matching any room, the fan has side-mounted levers for the dual blower system. Additional features include reversibility, intake or exhaust, or combination airflow, rotary dial for speed control, automatic on/off temperature setting, and an illuminated thermostat when in operation. The motor is high velocity for a quiet but also efficient operation. This style of window fan also has expanders, a handle for portability, and a cabinet made from high-impact plastic.

Eight-Inch Deluxe

This window fan is a twin design that comes in white. Features include a dual three-speed rotary dial, twin motors, six-wing fan blades, and a handle for easy portability, polypropylene accordion type expanders, and a high-impact plastic cabinet. Mounting dimensions for this window fan measure 11 inches high by 6 inches deep with an adjustable range of 25 to 40 inches wide. You will also enjoy reversibility, intake, exhaust, or combination operation, automatic on/off thermostat.

As you can see, window fans come in many different designs. The nice thing is that whether you need a window fan for an older style or newer style window, you will find a variety of those that fit. This way, you can enjoy your home or office during the hot summer days without the high cost of air conditioning. Remember, even when used with air-conditioning, a window fan can create even more cool air, moving it around so it filters through that room and beyond.