Table Fans

Table fans are one of the most popular types of fans, being used on work desks, kitchen cabinets, a child's bedroom, and literally any room at home or in the office. Because table fans are so popular, you will find literally hundreds of sizes, colors, styles, and features. In this article, we wanted to provide you with information so when you buy a fan, you would get the best for the money.


Years ago, table fans were unattractive although effective. Today, makers of fans have come up with some very innovative designs. With this, not only does the fan look better but with new technology, also work better. For instance, a wonderful choice of table fan stands 20 inches tall and works by providing directional airflow although the fan itself remains stationary. With a sci-fi appearance and various finishes from which to choose, this particular table fan is actually elegant.

Other Designs

With these table fans, the design is futuristic while also being beautiful enough to be considered a piece of furniture. For instance, you will find various designs to include one with an oil-rubbed bronze and antique design, another with a black and satin nickel style, or you could go with burgundy and faux leather. Other beautiful choices include camel and faux leather, crocodile embossed and faux leather, or satin nickel with a chrome finish trim.

If you prefer a more traditional style of table fan but something that is contemporary in design, you will find beautiful choices here too. Considered the perfect choice of table fan for a desk or sturdy table, the breeze produced is gentle and cool. This type of table fan also comes in various finishes, each unique. For instance, you could choose from antique copper, black, or chrome. Features for this table fan include three speeds, an eight-foot power cord, and 10-year warranty.

Then, another great option for a table fan is one with an Old World charm. Designed with a rust finish, this fan has beautiful scrolling on the base. Very attractive, this type of table fan would be an ideal gift for that hard-to-buy for boss. The fan can be placed literally anywhere that you need a comfortable breeze, although it fits nicely in a den or office. This too features three speeds, non-reversing, an eight-foot power cord, and a 10-year warranty.

Top Brands

Keep in mind that you can certainly stick with the traditional type of table fan but if you want to create a cool room to enjoy and add style, then we suggest you look at some of the top makers of fans. Take a look at the brands section of our site to provide you with additional fan brand choices.