Pedestal Fans

The development of pedestal fans was revolutionary. Without doubt, this type of fan looks and operates differently from the traditional style of fan. With a pedestal fan, you can place it just about anywhere and enjoy the efficient airflow. These fans are designed to produce air that can reach across the room, making them highly versatile. In this article, we wanted to provide you with a few examples of pedestal fans you might consider.

Vertical Tower

This pedestal fan is designed differently from the large, round head you see on most fans. Instead, the fan is made to look like a thin, attractive tower, standing 40 inches tall. The fan is easy to use, offers a multi-functional remote control for easy control and access, and executive styling, making this an ideal choice for offices.

This particular type of pedestal fan features three, quiet speeds with various wind settings, three wind settings that include continuous, natural, or soothing sleep, a space-saving design, electronic timer, optional oscillation for full-room coverage, and simple assembly.

Two-Part Pole

With this pedestal fan, you get a four-in-one design that is powerful and quiet. This design allows you to position the airflow at two different heights depending on need. Also included are the three, quiet speeds, optional oscillation or directional cooling, 15-position pivot for precision airflow, and durable, plastic grills guaranteed against rust and corrosion.


Many people love sleeping under the cool breeze of a fan and with this pedestal model, you can. The benefit is that you can adjust the thermostat so the fan changes temperatures according to air or turns on and off when needed. This way, you are not waking in the middle of the night to turn on/off the fan or make adjustments. This pedestal fan also comes with three, quiet speeds, illuminated dial, 15-position pivoting feature, and optional oscillation.

Remote Control

Today, we live in a world of remote control, which is no different from pedestal fans. This model still has quiet speeds and your choice of wind settings but allows you to make choices from bed, the couch, or simply across the room. Designed with a stylish neutral tone and silver accents, the fan is also sophisticated, making it perfect for home or the office.