Wall Fans

Wall fans are called wall fans becuase they are attached to the wall. They are also located near the edge of a room, but are usually designed to cool off a very specific area. Many of us have seen the older style of wall fans, which work great but are not very creative. Today, wall fans are made completely different, meaning not only do they provide a cool breeze but they also look amazing. In fact, many wall fans now on the market are so beautiful they can actually enhance the room's appearance.


Keep in mind that wall fans are unique in that they must be hardwired to an electrical outlet. Now, some people will simply use the existing electrical outlet, which means the cord is visible unless hidden by a plant. However, you could also have an inexpensive job done whereby a new outlet is installed behind the fan. This way, all you would see is the beautiful design and no cord.


The number one benefit of choosing a wall fan is the exceptional airflow. Because heat rises, this type of fan circulates air so the room cools off. In addition, if you go with a reversible fan, one where the blades turn counter-clockwise, then you could also benefit in the wintertime. Again, in this case, the warm air collected near the ceiling would be pushed down into the room, actually making it warm.


Just as with floor and table fans, many wall fans are gorgeous, enhancing or complementing the decorum of a room. You want to purchase a quality fan so you have smooth and quiet operation, as well as a sturdy-mounted fan. Best of all, these fans can be used in any room, as long as you have a stud for installation and the wall outlet for electricity.

These fans come in a variety of finishes and some are elaborate in design while others have a clean line that works well with a contemporary style room. You will find three speed fans, both forward and reversing models. Additionally, some wall fans oscillate and some do not, depending on the style. We recommend you choose a wall fan with a 10-year warranty and one that is UL listed.

Although you could purchase a cheap wall fan, for the best operation and style, it would be worth investing in a top brand. This way, you know the fan is designed for safety but also quality operation. If you are tired of sleeping in a hot room, like to shoot pool in a warm family room, or even have an office where airflow is poor, you should consider the benefits offered by a wall fan.