Floor Fans

Summertime is the time of year when most people turn on fans and air conditioning. Sometimes, individuals will sleep under a ceiling fan or use a small, portable fan on the desk at work. Another great option to cool off a room is with floor fans. Today, a number of beautiful styles are sold, which fit in with just about any decorum, while also producing a nice, cool breeze.

The main difference with floor fans is just as the name indicates they are made to sit on the floor. With this, you get better coverage than you would with other types of fans. Floor fans are made by top manufacturers just as other fans are, meaning they are made not just to look nice and produce cool air, but also to last.


One of the most popular styles of floor fans is one that has an antique look. This particular fan is simply gorgeous, becoming quite the conversation piece. Typically, this floor would be placed in a corner where it can rotate to cover more area. You will discover this floor fan available in a variety of finishes to include antique copper. Other benefits include three speeds, an eight-foot cord, and a 10-year warranty.


In addition to the stylish floor fans you will find on the market, keep in mind that other floor fans are more for airflow without all the beautiful style. For example, an industrial type of floor fan is ideal for both home and office use. You might choose one with an 18-inch rolling design, which is capable of delivering up to 3,190 CPM.

As you can imagine, a floor fan such as this would create a comfortable environment. When shopping around for an industrial fan, we do recommend you go with a full steel construction, which will provide the best in durability and sturdiness. Additionally, if the floor fan were going to be used in a warehouse or other area that commonly gets dirty, the construction would hold up much better.


Remember, you can purchase floor fans that oscillate or not so, you need to determine the type of features important to you. You will also find floor fans with wheels, making portability easy. Whether looking for a full powered floor fan for a large office or warehouse space, or adding a sophisticated looking fan at home, you will be surprised by all the options now available.

Floor fans are also ideal for people who spend time working in the garage or workshop. Instead of being miserable, you can now enjoy working on the car or home projects with a cool breeze. For maximum air movement, you want to go with steel blades and preferably, a pivoting feature, allowing you to focus the air exactly where you want it.