Box Fans

Box fans have been around for a long time. Easy to use on the floor or in a window to cool a room, the box fan is highly versatile. Additionally, this type of fan is generally inexpensive and available in simple to elaborate styles. If you are looking for a way to cool your home or office and you want a fan that will provide a nice, cool breeze, the box fan may be the ideal option.

Popular Fan Type

Considered one of the most popular types of fans made, the box fan is currently used in literally millions of homes around the country. These fans are designed with a steel body construction, 20-inch blade, and tons of power. Now, if you choose a box fan with reversible blades, you could create a cool breeze in the hot summer or a warm room in the wintertime.

Natural Colors

Typically, when you purchase a box fan, you would find gray, white, or cream colors. Additionally, these fans are usually designed with a rotary dial for speed, which includes low, medium, and high. You will also find these fans designed with four or five blades. Although you could choose plastic blades, we suggest you go with steel blades, which will hold up better.

Weather Shield

Another option for box fans are those designed with a weather shield. With this, you would enjoy the breeze produced from the turbo motor and aerodynamic blade design without outside air seeping inside the house. Just as with other box fans, you would enjoy an adjustable thermostat and wide body design that provides better stability. In addition, to being stable in a window, this particular model sits safer on the floor.

Easy to Buy

The great thing about box fans is that you can find them from a number of resources. For instance, box fans are commonly sold at home improvement stores, hardware stores, department stores, retail stores, and of course, online. Now, if you decide to search for types of box fans online, remember the shipping. Even though these fans are not heavy, you could end up paying more with combined shipping than the price of a fan from a local store.