Blower Fans

Blower fans are unique from other fan types in that they provide a focused stream of air for the ultimate in performance. With blower fans, you still get the same strong operation from that of a floor fan but a space-saving design. Additionally, most blower fans offer more features and with the current of air, your home, garage, office, or basement will remain comfortable.


The design of most blower fans is sleek, making it a subtle addition to the room. These fans are unique that along with the powerful breeze, you would also enjoy features such as an electronic timer, three powerful speeds, oscillation for better coverage, a multi-function remote control with built-in storage, and more. This way, you can control the speed and direction of the airflow from across the room.

High Velocity

Considered a high velocity fan, blower fans are indeed one of the best fans you can buy for the money. As you shop around for a blower fan, you will find variations depending on need. For instance, one such design offers directional louvers and metal guards for durability, coupled with the standard features. Then for moving the fan from one room to another, the fan also features an easy grip handle.

Other Uses

In addition to using blower fans for the home or office, you can also use them in a number of other situations. For instance, these fans are perfect for a mechanics shop, providing cool air on hot days for the workers. The fans are great for hot warehouses, or any small space with poor ventilation. The top model of blower fans comes with two, 120-volt accessory outlets, a 10-foot cord with grounded plug, and a safety circuit breaker with reset button.

Typically, blower fans are strong and durable. Therefore, they make the perfect choice for people who work in dirty environments. Some blower fans are also ideal for providing ventilation, exhausting, and drying. Made with the same top design features, this particular blower fan also has a pivoting blower head, 100-blade blower for maximum airflow, and a rugged exterior to handle even the toughest job.


Blower fans come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and features. For example, you could choose a model with a 36-inch blade that produces 14,500 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This type of blower fan has a floor stand with wheels for easy portability, a belt-drive type motor, and one-half horsepower operation. No matter what your need, you can be sure to find several different options of blower fans to help.