Other Fans

This section is designed to talked about other fan types other than ceiling fans. We have included this section because, for a homeowner, a network of fans can help to produce the best cooling. Many of the fans listed here in this section can be an important complement to ceiling fans. This section is designed to decribe several different fan types and detail and provide our readers with an overview of what they do.


Box fans are shaped like they are named - a box. they typically have a square front and are about 8 inches wide. They are designed to sit on a floor or a table. They are also designed to be able to fit into most open windows to blow outside air into a home or office. This fans are some of the most common ceiling fans around and are in use by millions of people nationwide.


Like box fans, window fans are designed to reside in a window. They may be confused with box fans by many people. The difference between window fans and box fans is that window fans are only designed to reside in a window and are not portable. Window fans have more in common with window airconditioning units. They do circulate air, but are built into the sapce that they occupy. They can often be quite powerfull.


Pedestal fans are also portable fans. However, they can be quite large and the fan blandes usually reside in a circular case. This case sits on top of a vertical bar, or pedestal. This pedestal can be lowered or raised depending on the direction and location of the desired airflow. Some of these fans oscillate as well. These fans are usually large and can provide air flow to a large room.

Table Fans

Table fans are named table fans becuase they are designed to sit on a desk, table, or even on the floor. They are usually smaller; often less than 20 inches. They usually have a circular case that houses the blades that is connected to a small body. This body is connected to a stand. Many of these fans oscillate back and forth and are perfect for a small room or area. These fans are also quite common.

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are used by businesses such as warehouses, garages, and other locations that may not be air conditioned. These fans are usually quite large and can serve a very large area. They are sturdy and often cost more than consumer oriented fans. Other types of industrial fans can be used to cool machinery or production equipment.


Floor fans are similiar to table fans, but they usually larger and have more power. They are almost always placed on the floor. These fans can be quite helpful for cooling a room or office and can also oscillate.