With ceiling fans, you will discover that switches usually look alike although they have different patterns. If you have a ceiling fan that needs to have the switch replaced, this article will help. The key is to choose a new switch that has the exact same patterns as the one being removed. To determine the pattern, check the rotor located in the switch, which has a small, metal shield around it.

Check the Old Switch

To make sure you end up buying the right switch, you will need to open the old one, looking on the inside. Then, with the right switch in hand, you can get started. Just remember, before you work on your ceiling fan or anything electrical for that matter, make sure you have the power to the fan disconnected to avoid being shocked. In fact, we also recommend that you turn off the breaker that sends electricity to the fan and switch. You would then remove the old switch, and replace it with the new one.

Ceiling fans are amazing in that so many different switch options exist, which is why finding the pattern of the one needing to be replaced is so critical. To give you an idea of the various fan switches on the market, consider the following.

5A Vari Rot Fan Control

This switch is used for quiet and rotary fan speed control that includes white and ivory knobs but no wall plate.

3 speed Pull Chain Switch

With this type of fan switch, you have a nice brass-plated pull chain switch that operates three speeds. This connection is the stab type, which fits mounting holes of 13/32-inches.

Fan Speed Control Rotary White

Again, this type of fan switch is designed to control the rotary and variable speeds in the color white.

4 Speed Dual Fan/Dimmer Control White

Also available in ivory, this fan switch controls both fan and light fixture for a rotary, four-speed design.

Fan Light Pull Switch

In this case, the switch is used on ceiling fans for the light fixture, with also features a pull chain

3 Speed Fan Switch

For this, the switch runs three speeds and is an eight-wire unit that comes with a pull chain

White 3 Speed Fan Control

A great fan switch for the Skylark brand of fans is the three-speed control. With this, the switch is a three-speed slide type of fan control with a 1.5A capacity. The benefit is that you will never experience unwanted humming. This switch is also CSA certified and UL listed but does not come with a wall plate.

3 Speed Rot Fan Control

For this ceiling fan switch, you have control for a rotary and quiet operation, which comes in both white and ivory knobs. This switch is also UL listed but does not provide a wall plate.