Redoing Bad Fans

Unfortunately, many people across the country have one or more ceiling fans in the home that are unsightly and not working well. Although ceiling fans can definitely add style and flair to a home, if outdated, they can be a real eyesore. Then, many older models of ceiling fans do not offer the same smooth, quiet operation you would find with newer models. The good news is that you can redo bad ceiling fans, adding aesthetics and excellent performance.


Older ceiling fan models do not offer dimming abilities, which means they are often too bright or not bright enough. For starters, you could always use different light bulbs, lower or higher watts or frosted bulbs to cut glare but you could also replace the light kit so you can enjoy a dimmer. These light kits are easy to remove and replace which would not only help with the brightness but also give you an updated look.


You could also update the look of your ceiling fan simply by switching out the globes. Again, many of the older ceiling fan styles have outdated globes. You can purchase new globes, costing anywhere from $2.00 to $20 each. With literally hundreds of beautiful, new styles, colors, and even materials, something so inexpensive and simply can have a dramatic effect.

Polished Brass

Then, many older ceiling fans were designed with polished brass, which during the time, looked gorgeous but today, finishes such as brushed nickel, wrought iron, pewter, and antique brass are the ones of choice. If your ceiling fan is working fine but looks horrible because of the polished brass, consider spray painting it or using a spray on texture to change the look.


Now, we turn our attention to the blades. You can actually purchase new blades that simply replace the older ones. The swap out is quick and easy, making a huge difference in appearance and functionality. However, if the blades are in good condition too, then you might think about painting them. In fact, some people have gone as far as removing the blades and covering them with fabric. You can even buy faux wood strips that adhere to the old blades, giving them a brand new, updated look.

Pull Chains

Finally, the pull chains can be updated or completely removed. In this case, you can purchase all types of glass, ceramic or crystal pull designs that fit on the ends of the chain. However, if you prefer, you could have the chains removed by installing a remote control system. With this, the process is easy and makes your fan far more convenient.