Ceiling Fan Repairs - Wobbles

If you have ever had a ceiling fan, chances are you have had problems with wobbles, a common problem. Although annoying, keep in mind that wobbles can usually be fixed quite easily. The first thing you need to determine is if the fan is actually wobbling or rocking, which is different. The reason is that wobbling can be fixed by balancing the fan whereas rocking cannot. With a wobbling fan, you would notice an orbital type movement.

A wobbling fan can occur for a number of reasons. For instance, it could be that the screws holding your fan together or in place are loose. Over time, it is common for a the screws of the fan to become loose just from the nature of the fan. Therefore, we recommend your first step to stop a wobbling fan is to tighten all the screws, especially those holding the blades onto the blade irons, as well as the iron to the motor.

Now, after all the screws have been tightened, if you still have a problem with the fan wobbling, try making sure the down rod is secure to the fan motor. Another possibility would be tightening the screws that are used for securing the down rod to the mounting ball, those to the mounting bracket, and the screws used to secure the ceiling box to the actual ceiling. In most cases, after completing these steps, the problem would be corrected.

Another thing to consider is warped or curved blades. If so, the blade would need to be replaced with one that is flat and straight. You should not be able to see any type of warping or bending of the blade. Keep in mind when buying your new ceiling fan that blades made from solid wood should be avoided. Instead, we recommend you choose blades made from multi-layer veneer. Otherwise, the wood will begin to retain moisture, causing it to become warped.

You might also check the blade irons to make sure there is no damage or cracks. Sometimes, this too can cause a problem with the blades, which ultimate results in a wobbling fan. In this case, you can replace the blade irons and the problem should be fixed. Finally, it may be that the blades need to be balanced. For this, you can purchase small stick-on weights that would need to be placed on the off-balanced blade to make the wobbling problem stop.