Wall Control Installation

Today, ceiling fans have once again taken the lighting industry by storm. Offering comfort in both summer and winter, you will find just about any size, shape, style, and color imaginable. Best of all, the installation of your new ceiling fan is easy enough that anyone who is somewhat handy could handle. In addition to the pull switches, wall controls are also installed, which means the ceiling fan and light fixture can be operated by the standard light switch.

Of course, the number one concern is safety and proper installation for optimal operation. Therefore, the first thing you should always do is read the instructions that come with the type of ceiling fan you purchased. Although instructions may be similar, each is unique as well. In addition, before you work with electricity, make sure the power is shut off at the breaker, not just the switch.

After tripping the breaker to turn the electricity off to that part of the house, make sure anyone in the house knows you have done so to ensure the breaker is not inadvertently turned back on. If you have a fuse box instead of a breaker box, turn the power off and then actually remove the fuse for the exact circuit on which you are working.

Because each ceiling fan is different, we suggest you check out all your options before buying. For instance, one of the most popular brands is Casablanca, which is a company that sells only the finest. In fact, they have recently announced and launched a new wall control system called Inteli-Touch. In this case, the ceiling fan is actually designed with computer technology.

The great thing about using the Inteli-Touch ceiling fan is that it uses just two wires, meaning major electrical work is not required. With this type of wall control installation, you can control not just the speed of the fan but also the lighting to include dimming. In addition to being able to operate the ceiling fan from the wall, you can also use a handheld remote control for the best of convenience.

Keep in mind that many of the top brands now offer some type of similar system. This means the installation of the wall controls is much easier and the results of operating the fan incredible. With this, you could operate the fan from bed or while sitting on the couch. Just make sure you choose a system that is noise free and one that has a warranty for backup. Again, buying a quality, ceiling fan will usually provide you with this and more.