Quick Install Ceiling Fans

Many ceiling fans are designed to make installation a snap. They can be purchased preassembled and put in place with a minimum of fuss. This makes them ideal for a construction worker who needs to install a large number of units, or for do-it-yourselfer who doesn't want the bother of a long installation process.

Going for the quick installation doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Here are a few of the looks that can be had in a quick install package.

Your basic, traditional ceiling fan comes in a quick install form. The simplicity and popularity of the design makes it an obvious choice for home and lighting stores to offer in a preassembled form. A simple round housing above, three or four light fixtures below, and four or five blades surrounding are all you need. The housing can come in white, black, polished brass, or a combination of any two of those. The light shades below are a basic bell shape and can be rimmed with metal in the same color as the housing.

An even simpler design dispenses with the light fixtures entirely. It's simply a motor housing a fan blades-ideal for quick and easy installation. Getting this in a brushed pewter or aged iron look can add to the rugged, utilitarian statement. Or you can get it in a more polished metal with the venting arranged in ovals or as a latticework for a more artistic effect.

If you want light fixtures, you don't have to stick with the simple bell shape. Even if you do stick with that shape, you can get them with vertical ridges running down the glass or more complicated etchings. But you may prefer to have a single bowl suspended from the center of the fixture.

Quick install ceiling fans offer you a variety of options for that single bowl. The simplest is a half sphere with its rim pointing upward. This diffuses the light below and casts a shadow of the fan blades on the ceiling. This design can be fluted at the top to provide an elegant curve, and the glass can have all sort of painted or raised designs. Another effect can be had with a simple metal rim at the top and a metal cap at the base to provide a rounded point. The metal rim at the top can be quite ornate with a curving or crisscrossing design if you prefer.

Similar designs can be had with the half sphere pointing downward. This won't diffuse the light but can be used to reveal decorative bulbs. Fully enclosed balls, cylinders, acorns, and other shapes can also be had.

Most quick install ceiling fans come in the four or five blade variety. But it's also possible to get a three-bladed fan for a more sparse, understated look. Or with a smaller fan, you can go in the other direction and add a blade. A six-bladed fan may add just the extra something that you desire.