Fan Removal

If you have decided to remove a ceiling fan, exchanging it for a different type of light fixture, perhaps a new ceiling fan, or to send the fan in for repair, there are certain steps that need to be followed. For starters, always turn the breaker off or remove the fuse from the fuse box for the area of the house you will be working. Unfortunately, some people believe the wall switch only needs to be flipped to the off position, which is false and a good way to be shocked.

Fixture Removal

Once the electricity has been turned off, you want to start by removing the light fixture. Start by removing any glass globes, which are generally held in place with small screws. After the glass is off, remove the actual light kit, which is again held into place with screws. You will also see a few wires connected likely by wire nuts, which are removed and the wires separated. Now, the assembled blades and blade irons should be unscrewed from the flywheel, making sure you save all the screws.

The Canopy

Next, the canopy screw that holds the canopy in place needs to be removed. For this, you should be able to tilt the body of the fan away from the hatch. The wires from the canopy should also be disconnected, again by removing the wire nuts. Once all the wires are removed from the canopy, it should pull off easily.

Fan Parts

Now, if you are sending your ceiling fan into the manufacturer or repair company for service, chances are all you need to send is the body of the fan, which houses the motor. In other words, the glass, the canopy, the down rod, the blades, and the blade irons would not need to be sent. All you need to do is talk to the company and they can walk you through the exact pieces that should be sent.

To remove the down rod, the pole can be removed from the fan relatively easy. Keep in mind that the way in which the down rod attaches to the fan will vary depending on the brand of fan you have. Many times, all you have to do is remove screws and wiring but you might need to remove hex headed screws, pulling the extension pole and top support over the wires sot he down rod can be removed from the fan. Some will also have a hair pine that needs to be removed. Again, you can tell what needs to be done with a visual inspection.