Casablanca Ceiling Fans - Installation

Casablanca ceiling fans are easy to install. The whole process should be no more difficult than replacing a light fixture. The whole process can be a one-person operation, ideal for even the more timid do-it-yourselfers. Casablanca works hard to take all the hassle out of the process by incorporating a variety of patented and well-designed systems.

Hang-Tru Hanging System

The Hang-Tru hanging system supports the fan from the ceiling during installation without getting in your way. This leaves both your hands free to make the wiring connections. It also gives you a chance to climb down the ladder and eyeball how the fan looks in the position you have chosen.

Self-Centering Ball

When you are trying to center the fan, climbing down the ladder is not always an option. Even when it is, its inconvenient. Relying on a second expert opinion can result in frustration and tension as well, assuming you have a second opinion to rely on. Casablancas self-centering ball eliminates this problem. The ball makes it very easy to ensure that the fan is hanging straight, even if the ceiling from which its hangs is sloped.

PermaLock Downrod

The Casablanca threaded PermaLock downrod secures the fan in place. It is sturdy and easy to install. And as the name implies, you do not have to worry about the fan later slipping out of place.

For higher ceilings, you can get optional longer downrods, anywhere from one foot to ten feet long.

The Extra Mile

Casablanca wants to ensure that the installation process is as simple and enjoyable as possible. That means that everything you need to install your fan comes along with the fan. There are no frustrated trips out to the garage or back to the hardware store to get the materials you need to finish the job.

Among other implements, each Casablanca fan comes complete with three things you will definitely need but might not have thought to buy or have handy:

  1. A screwdriver
  2. Batteries for the remote
  3. Light bulbs