Industrial Ceiling Fans

Industrial style ceiling fans are designed for large, open spaces with high ceilings. They're meant to be utilitarian, but a good design can bring a bold, strong look to the room.

The simplest industrial look may be all you're looking for. A white motor housing with three sturdy white steel blades, aerodynamically designed to provide maximum airflow, is up to the task. The same basic design is available in gray or black. The blades can be squared off with slightly round edges. Or they can have a more pronounced round leading edge. These fans give a feeling of power. And when you turn them on, they've got the strength to back that up.

Metal Drum

Another basic style involves a metal drum as the housing above. The lid to the drum is screwed down via rods that run vertically down the side and attach in a similar fashion to the bottom cap. The motor housing below is made of the same material. Get the drum in polished copper for a real shine and set it off with mahogany blades. For a more rugged reminder of the industrial age, a galvanized nickel drum or even an aged rust look may be the way to go.

Buying an industrial style ceiling fan doesn't mean you have to forego lighting. You can have lighting with style. A simple short cylinder in brushed pewter above may give way to a more complicated design beneath. There, a brushed pewter bowl can taper into a thick rod to which has three thinner rods attached to it. The thin rods rise upward, curve, and head down again to suspend the light fixtures. Cylindrical globes with rounded bottoms are protected by a sturdy wire cage. Flattened cymbals in brushed pewter can reflect the light downward. Brushed pewter blades complete the look.

If that's too much look for you, simpler lighting can be had. A brushed steel housing that surrounds a slightly rounded glass globe is all you really need. But if the housing is simple, you may want to get a little more fancy with the blades. Picture blades that actually look like blades, knife blades that is. The central clamps attach to the "handle" of the knife which then flares out to its full width before tapering to a narrower, but rounded, point.

Larger Spaces

Since they're meant for larger spaces, industrial style ceiling fans will come with at least a 42 inch blade span. More likely, you'll find them with 52 or 56 inches. These fans are designed to move a lot of air.

Since they're likely to be installed high up, in hard to reach places, look for an industrial style ceiling fan that comes with a wall switch or remote control. You could add in your own switch, of course. But finding one that comes with the fan will ensure that all the features of your new fan are easily controllable from down below.

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