Directional Ceiling Fans

Directional fans are much different than the traditional type of fan. Most fans work by creating an air stream to help cool the temperature of a room. As with a ceiling fan, the fan has blades that move, thus generating airflow. This coupled with heat loss from the body through perspiration creates the cooling sensation enjoyed by fans. Most traditional types of fans are designed to sit on a table, floor, or hung on the ceiling. Then, air produced is based on a single air stream.

Oscillating Mechanism

To increase air stream coverage area, the oscillating mechanism is used. Unfortunately, with traditional fans, the air cooling is intermittent since the fan moves away from the person for a certain amount of time. Then, with the air sweeping across an area, any objects within the area are also affected. With a directional fan, the system works differently, making this cooling system far more effective.


With the directional fan, people have much more versatility. The design is highly innovative, giving the person the ability to adjust the motor head a full 180 degrees. This means that while the blades of the fan are rotating, the head itself can also be moved, which creates a much more effective air stream, resulting in a cooler room. With this design, significant air flow is produced.

One excellent type of directional fan is from a leading fan company. The model has a 180-degree arc for the maximum and directional flow of air. The nice thing about this particular fan is that it can be hung in front of an HVAC air duct, allowing it to work even more efficiently for both air conditioning and heating. Then, most directional fans come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials, perfect regardless of the home's decorum.

As with any fan, it is important to purchase from a reputable source, ensuring you are buying a quality fan made with quality materials. Just remember that there are so many wonderful options for directional fans so if you are tired of dealing with hot summer days, this is definitely the type of fan to choose. Although other fans work relatively well, the directional fans are great for all areas of the country.

Relief from Heat

For instance, if you live in Texas, Louisiana, or Arizona where temperatures are hot and in some cases, so are humidity levels, a directional fan will provide the ultimate in cooling ability. In addition to feeling cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter, the directional fan can also help cut back the high cost of energy for running the air conditioner and furnace