Selecting Ceiling Fans

If you have been in a ceiling store recently, then you know how challenging it is to choose a ceiling fan. With so many wonderful designs, sizes, and shapes, making the right choice can be a little overwhelming. Then, you have the other aspects such as the right blades, motor, accessories, and so on, making the decision even more difficult. In this article, we will provide you with some sound advice to help you through the choosing process.

As you probably know, using a ceiling fan is an excellent way to enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters while saving up to 40% energy, thus a reduction in your monthly electric bill. First, you need to think about two things - the size of the room and the number of occupants using it. Start by measuring your room at the point where the fan will be mounted outward. The goal is that the blade sweep should fit the room size. If the room is large, then it could accommodate 52 to 62 inches whereas a smaller room would need a 28 inch or larger, depending on the room size.

When the fan is mounted seven to eight feet from the floor, you will enjoy the maximum effects. Then, you want no less than 10 inches of space between the ceiling and the blades. Now, you have four different options for mounting. First you have the standard mount, which consists of a four-inch down rod so the fan is slightly lowered from the ceiling.

Second is the extended mount, which uses a longer down rod to bring the fan down so it is the ideal seven to eight feet from the floor. Then, you have the flush mount that anchors the fan flush against the ceiling, which is best of ceilings under eight feet, and the sloped mount, which allows your fan to be installed on a vaulted or angled ceiling.

Keep in mind that for the blades, experts suggest you go with a three-blade fan, possibly four and used curved blades, again for optimum performance. The flat blade fans were very popular about 10 years ago and while they work, it has been discovered that the curved style is much better. In addition, while many of the fans have five and even six blades, you lose performance. Therefore, choose your fan according.

You also want to think about light fixtures. The standard fan uses a four bulb light, which is nice but the more modern choice is a one light option. This is much more attractive and provides better lighting. If you find a fan on sale without a light, remember that you can always purchase a light kit and install it to the existing fan. Then, you have the control options. While the pull down switch is still very popular, another great choice is a remote control.