While there are many different types of ceiling fans, the hugger is a popular choice in that it provides a low-profile design, making it the perfect solution for ceilings of eight foot or lower. Obviously, using a hugger type of ceiling fan will still provide air movement but while providing safety. In addition, some people like a hugger fan regardless of ceiling height, preferring the cleaner look.

Importance of Installation

In any case, the installation of a hugger type of ceiling fan is important. For instance, with this fan type, the blades are much closer to the ceiling than a fan that hangs down. What happens is that as the air moves up and down, going between the ceiling and the blades, a reverberation is caused. Typically, you would notice the fan wobbling during operation or making a vibration.

To correct this, a hugger, fan needs to be installed properly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you choose a fan with a smaller motor, as well as a flatter pitch to the blades. The result will be less air movement between ceiling and blade. Keep in mind that while the fan will stop making irritating noise or wobbling, this lower air movement has little to do with the air movement felt within the room itself.

Cooling Drawbacks

Now, it is true that you can still cool a room off by using a hugger type of ceiling fan but because the movement is limited, it is not as great a solution as a traditional type fan. Therefore, if the entire goal is to save money on air conditioning by cooling a room with the fan, choose one on a down-rod or other type of fan rather than a hugger. Of course, hugger fans do have some benefits. For one thing, if you are looking for a great style, but also a fan that produces adequate air, instead of a hugger style, you might consider looking at many of the new, low-profile fans now on the market.

Hugger Benefits

Along with the negative aspects of a hugger fan, you will find some positive things. When it comes to safety, ensuring no one accidentally walks into a moving fan blade, the hugger fan is the best choice. You will also discover that if you hang the hugger fan over a table or bed, it will need less, floor to blade clearance. Again, this has to do with eliminating risk of having someone walk into a moving fan. With the positioning, the fan no longer provides a threat. Typically, people will consider other types of fan but if you have low ceilings and can place a hugger fan over a piece of furniture where it would not pose a risk, and you need only some air movement, then you could consider this an option.