Fan Motor Primer

The most important part of any ceiling fan is the motor. Without the motor, the fan would not be able to operate. However, when you begin shopping around for a new fan, you need to remember that not all motors are the same. In fact, a cheaply made ceiling fan motor will overheat, make unwanted noises, and stop working way before it should. For this reason, we strongly recommend you buy a top quality fan, one that has a great motor to last and last.

Obviously, for your ceiling fan to work at peak performance, cooling or heating a room, it must have a solid motor. Therefore, start by comparing various fans to include performance grade, materials of the motor and housing, and any guarantees. A top rated fan should be durable and be well-constructed while also offering style to match your room's decor

High Performace Motors

For high performance ceiling fan motors, prices will be more, typically between $200 and $300. In addition, you can choose a top rated, designer fan, which would be even more expensive, running anywhere from $300 to more than $2,000. These motors are made so the fan can be operated continuously for days or even years without noise or overheating.

Medium Grade Motors

A medium rated fan motor would be a little more affordable, generally between $100 and $150. In this case, the motor would be designed with a high level of function and durability. Most often, this type of fan motor would be a 188x20mm or larger size, which is excellent for optimal air movement. This particular type of ceiling fan is an excellent choice for ceilings up to 12 feet or continuous running time of 12 hours or less.

Economy Grade

Then, you have the moderate or economy grade fan motor. These fans cost about $50 to $150 and while they look nice and will operate relatively well the motor is a lower grade. With this type of motor, you still get durability and function, but typically, continuous running time would be no more than six hours. Other considerations are that air movement is less and the motors can begin to make noise over time.

Promotional Grade

Finally, there is a promotional grade fan motor, which you might want to avoid. This type of fan is not highly functional, meaning it moves little air. Additionally, you will begin to notice unwanted sounds quickly and the motors can overheat. Although the price is less than $50, these fans are often a waste of money and time.