Ceiling Fan Intro

If you have been thinking about adding a ceiling fan to your home but not quite sure if you should, this article will provide you some information to make the decision-making process easier. For one thing, ceiling fans can actually make your home more energy efficient. By helping to cool a home in the summer and move warm air around in the winter, you will actually enjoy a significant savings, up to 40%. Therefore, if you think you will be adding cost, a ceiling fan actually saves you money.

If you want to make your ceiling fan even more energy efficient, you can use compact fluorescent lamps. In addition, these types of bulbs last longer than standard bulb, the light output is greater, and they produce less heat. The only disadvantage is that typically, the light kits are not as attractive as other light kits and they can sometimes make it difficult to install the fluorescent bulb.

Then you have the motor, which consumes between 60 and 100 watts when run on high speed, 20 to 40 watts on medium, and then for low speed, between 10 and 15 watts. A good motor is worth its weight in gold, providing longevity and a quiet operation. Therefore, when shopping around for a ceiling fan, it would be worth the investment to choose one that has a high performance motor.

For the blade, the fans usually have three to five, which are connected to the fan's motor. Remember that the fewer the number of blades the greater aerodynamic efficiency you will enjoy. However, most people prefer the five-blade fan because it looks nice. Usually made from flat pieces of wood, metal, plastic, or plywood, these blades face at a downward angle. Although it does not cost much to manufacturer the blades, the flat design does not move the air nearly as effectively as curved blades.

Now for the light, about 95% of all ceiling fans come with some type of light fixture, although you can choose one for the fan part only. If you go with a fan without a light, you can purchase a light kit later on to add light. Most fans come with three to five individual sockets that include nicely fitted decorative globes, which can be changed out to match decor. However, one of the more popular styles coming on the market is a single light fan where the light is in the center. Typically, this type of ceiling fan works with an incandescent or higher wattage halogen bulb.

Finally, the ceiling fan is controlled with pull downs that make the motor and/or light turn on and off. Additionally, the pull switch for the motor is what creates a slow, medium, or fast speed. Now, if you want to spend a little money, not much, you could purchase a remote control fan whereby you control the light and fan from the comfort of your couch or bed.