Solar Powered Fans

If you are tired of paying outrageous monthly bills for electricity, it might be time to consider solar power. While you could go with an expensive investment of solar panels, you have another option as well. Keep in mind that while solar panels help by converting sun into electricity, which is then used as a means for heating or lighting a home, this is not the only option available when it comes to solar power.

Direct Gain

Another solution known as "direct gain" has been used for thousands of years. In this case, the power of the sun from direct rays is highly efficient in creating heat and light. For direct gain to work, you need to look at the south side of the home, which typically receives the most sunlight. To help with direct gain, the south side needs to be void of any shade trees or other obstructions that would block out the sun.

In addition, direct gain needs a way of penetrating the home, which would be through windows and doors. Therefore, if you want to use solar power to operate a specially designed fan intended for this, you have two options. First, you could have solar panels installed on the roof of your home or, you could use direct gain by making sure the home is able to use natural sunlight, especially coming from the south side.

You will discover that most major brands of ceiling fans and attic fans now offer solar powered designs. With solar power, there are two basic types of energy. The first is solar thermal energy, which collects the warmth of the sun through water or an antifreeze mixture. The second type of energy is called solar photovoltaic energy in which the sun's radiation is converted to usable electricity.

Photovoltaic Energy

Many times, homes will integrate solar photovoltaic energy, which is a feasible solution from an economic standpoint. What you will discover is that incentive programs have made this form of energy viable, making it a popular and practical way of using solar power for things such as fans. In addition, you will find many small systems to include some solar powered fans using photovoltaic systems.

Solar Fan Cost

To give you an idea of what you might purchase, for less than $100, you could buy a portable personal solar fan kit. With this, you would get everything needed to use the sun's energy while enjoying a nice, cool breeze. The fan kit is comprised with a small DC fan and durable solar panel. This particular solar powered fan is lightweight and compact, which makes it a great solution for small spaces or while sitting outside on your deck.