Fan Energy Savings

Today, people are always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to home energy bills. With the cost of electricity and gas on the rise, we see the number of ceiling fan sales growing and for good reason. In addition to helping keep a home cool in the summer, a ceiling fan can also help warm the air. Because of this, fans are now considered one of the most popular and efficient means for saving on energy costs.

Ceiling Fan Adoption

In addition to functionally, ceiling fans offer something special to the room. With hundreds of beautiful styles for the fans and lighting fixtures, you can dress up any room of the house. You will also find that ceiling fans are very affordable. Even the top brands with outstanding guarantees are designed to last and made affordable. For this reason, we now see approximately 70% of all homes in the United States with one or more fans.

Fan Operation

Keep in mind that in addition to cutting energy use during the summer, ceiling fans can also be energy users, which would depend on the way in which the fan is used and the type of light being used. Typically, a ceiling fan is operated on average three to four hours a day. Then considering that most homes have more than one fan, you can see why it is so important to choose the right fan and light fixture.

Energy Star

For starters, choose ceiling fans with the Energy Star label, which means the fan has been designed specifically to cut the consumption of energy, thus saving you money. However, even though the fan can save money, it would still provide you with top outflow and lighting. In addition, take time to shop for your new ceiling fan. The bottom line is that a fan with the highest quality blade and motor can rate up to nine times more efficient than cheaper fans.


We also recommend for saving energy, you shop for ceiling fans that are rated with the highest airflow efficiency, which would be listed as CFM/Watt for all of the fan speeds. Just as the fan itself should be energy efficient, so should the light fixture. In fact, up to 80% of the savings is directly related to the lighting. Therefore, in addition to the Energy Star label, choose only fans that have built-in ballasts and pin-based fluorescent compact lighting, since incandescent lighting produces a tremendous amount of heat.

With the right ceiling fan, you will find that a nice wind chill is created. The result is a cool breeze that blows over a person's body, thus making the room feel cool. Finally, another great energy saving tip is that when you leave the room, always make sure both fan and light are turned off.