Ceiling Fan Energy

Are you tired of paying the high cost of energy? If so, you are not alone but you have options to enjoy up to 40% savings, both in the summer and winter. Ceiling fans are popular all around the world for the convenience they provide as well as energy they save. In fact, it is estimated that every house nationwide has an average of 1.5 ceiling fans in the home and of those, the motor runs a little over six hours a day with the light on about 3.5 hours.

To reach ceiling fan optimization, experts suggest you choose a motor with about 200 kWh use per household use every year. If you use your ceiling fan efficiently, it can be a huge benefit when it comes time to pay for the monthly electricity, heating, and cooling bill. The key is to use a ceiling fan with the right type of lighting, curved blades, and just three blades, opposed to five.

Because ceiling fans have proven to improve efficiency in the home, we see not just more families owning them but the price of the unit going down. Another consideration is improving the controls so you gain even more substantial savings. For instance, matching the fan operation to the room occupancy and conditions makes a huge difference. Obviously, if the room is large or one where there is a lot of traffic, then you need a larger fan with more blades.

You will even find many of the utility programs nationwide now supporting Energy Star ceiling fans. Although the appliances with the Energy Star may be a little higher priced, they are also built to be more effective. The program is designed to give salespeople and contractors an incentive, and for good reason. However, in addition to the quality of the fan and motor, buyers need to be educated on proper operations for optimum operation.

Most people never give operation much thought but remember that a ceiling fan is an appliance, the same as a washer and dryer, refrigerator, and so on. Therefore, when considering a ceiling fan for your home, you want to understand its operation fully, reading the manufacturer's instruction manual and asking the salespeople questions. You will be amazed at how much longer the fan lasts and how much more sufficient the operation it. With this, you will enjoy many cool summers and warm winters.