Lodge and Rustic Fans

If you have a rustic designed home, or even one that resembles a lodge, you will find a number of beautiful ceiling fans that will complement the décor. For years, ceiling fans worked only in modern or traditional style homes but today, manufacturers have expanded styles to include lodge and rustic. Many people are going back to the rustic style home, which is warm and comfortable. Therefore, demand has pushed new ceiling fan designs to accommodate.

Lodge Style

Typically, a rustic home or lodge is styled using large, rough furniture. Some of the favorite wood choices include maple, pine, and hickory, each offering a distinct look. For color schemes, a rustic home or lodge generally uses neutral, earth tones, although splashes of certain colors are acceptable. Although this style is not for everyone, it is a beautiful choice.


Just as with any home, a rustic home or lodge needs to be comfortable. For this reason, rustic style ceiling fans are a great way to keep with the style but also create a more comfortable and efficient environment. For example, one style of rustic ceiling fan creates the look of rough-hewn pine logs with pinecone accents. The style is actually breathtaking and again, keeps with the overall style of the home.

Fan Style

Another option for a rustic home or lodge is a ceiling fan designed with weathered iron and a pine finish. Included are double thick pine blades and a beautiful antler light fixture. You would enjoy five, oversized blades with a 52-inch blade sweep, three forward and reverse speeds, 13-degree pitch, and a lifetime warranty on the motor.


You can visit your local home improvement store or visit some of the more reputable ceiling manufacturers online to see some of the amazing designs. Of course, regardless of the style you choose, you want to make sure the fan is designed for smooth operation, quiet operation, and guaranteed.

Custom Fans

Of course, you could always have a rustic or lodge styled ceiling fan custom made. Although this would be a more expensive route to take, if you cannot find the design you want, it would certainly be another consideration. Take your time to look around and you will find fans of this style in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features.