Modern Fans

Ceiling fans on the market today are much different from those created 10 or 20 years ago. With so many new styles, materials, colors, designs, and even technologies, you will have a great time shopping for a new fan. The modern ceiling fans of today add tremendous style, enhancing the appearance of your home, not to mention the efficiency and functionality.

Fan Design

Modern ceiling fans are designed very differently. For instance, you will find that newer fans operate quietly while offering a number of unique features. This means you still have the benefit of the fan operation but also things such as remote control. With this, you can lie in bed and control the operation of the fan without ever having to get up. As you can imagine, this one feature alone is a huge benefit.

To show you some of the elements seen in modern ceiling fans, those with a contemporary flair, we have provided some information to consider. Now, keep in mind that a modern styled ceiling fan can be used in a contemporary home but actually, a home with any decorum.


For starters, many of the modern ceiling fans come in black, white, and neutral colors. With this, a person could have style at the ceiling but then use splashes of color in other elements of the room. For instance, a person may have a muted color living room to include a modern ceiling fan but then use throw pillows of red, orange, and blue on the sofa, along with a multi-colored area rug.


You will also find that the line of a modern ceiling fan is different from traditional fan styles. For this, the architectural elements include straight lines or edges. The key with contemporary design is to keep things minimal. Therefore, you want to choose a ceiling fan that is also simplistic in design. This means streamlined blades and again, straight lines.

Modern Lines

Most ceiling fan manufacturers have entire lines dedicated to the modern look. Therefore, you would have a wide range of choices from which to choose. However, most of these fans would be designed with the concept of "less is more." That means no curved details, no cute patterns, etc. Instead, these fans are basic and bare, but also bold. Choosing a modern ceiling fan does not mean boring by any means. Instead, your ceiling fan will make a dramatic statement but with simplistic design.

Additional Information:

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