Bathroom Ceiling Fans

Because of the high level of humidity and moisture in a bathroom, fans are used. Designed to help with ventilation, especially for bathrooms without windows, fans are a great solution. In fact, all bathrooms built are required to have direct ventilation going to the outside, which is done through a window or a fan. Now, if you have a window, you might still consider having a fan installed too.

With a bathroom fan, you get the enjoyment of a number of benefits. For instance, in addition to better ventilation, you also have the option of venting air in the wintertime without having to open the window in which cold air would rush in, and bathroom fans help eliminate unwanted steam and odor. To give you an idea of your options for a new fan, we have provided you with some great suggestions.

First, there is the Progress type bathroom fan. Considered a nice looking and affordable option, you find many builders using this type of fan. This company offers a wide range of bathroom fan styles and designs. In addition, the material is polycarbonate, which means you can actually run the housing in the dishwasher when it becomes dirty. While there are options for finish, white is the most popular choice.

Other popular options include the 50 CFM, three-inch duct adapter, which means installation is made much easier, your option for ceiling or wall mounting, and a sound level rating of 4.0 Sones. This particular bathroom fan company has been providing solid solutions for more than 90 years. In addition to great fan choices, Progress also offers thousands of choices for bathroom lighting.

Two other popular companies include Air King and Fantech, both long-standing companies with excellent reputations for the development of kitchen and bathroom fans. In addition to effective and efficient operation, these bathroom fans are also made to run quietly. What you will quick discover is that all the fans sold are backed by excellent warranties, exceeding customer expectations.

Broan Bathroom Fans is another company that understands the importance of developing top of the line fans. In fact, this company has made such an impact that it is now rated as one of the leading residential ventilation solutions available. With these fans, you will enjoy easy installation, trouble-free operation, and an extended life warranty.