Baroque Ceiling Fans

The Baroque style was very popular during the 17th century. However, many people currently embrace this unique style, which originated from Paris and Rome. Baroque is distinct, giving the impression of wealth and power. Whether looking at architecture, furniture, or even Baroque ceiling fans, you would notice most featuring grandeur designs to include fruit, flowers, birds, and beasts. While not for everyone, the Baroque style, many people are fascinated with the overwhelming and elaborate design associated with this style.

Elements of Baroque

The exciting thing about the Baroque style is that it can be incorporated into your home with a theatrical presence or added subtly such as with a ceiling fan. Keep in mind that the Baroque style was inspired from the church, as well as religious art to create emotion. Therefore, even if you have a contemporary home but you want something unique, a real conversation piece, then a Baroque ceiling fan would be ideal. Of course, you have many other fan options using this style such as a table or floor fan.

The majority of pieces that feature Baroque to include fans have gold, ebony, or mother of pearl inlay. Other prominent features of this style are the gorgeous medallions, magnificent carving, painted or gilded styles, and anything ornate and detailed. For instance, you could choose a Baroque style fan and complement the room using furniture with the same style. Pieces that have lion feet, velvet upholstery, or rich, jewel-toned hues would all fit well with the Baroque style.

You can even choose a Baroque fan that works well with the floors. In this case, inlaid floors would be the perfect choice, but remember, you need tile that has intricate designs that would fit with the Baroque era. You can also choose a Baroque style fan to go with the walls. For instance, if you need a fan in the bedroom, you might consider going with something lavish such as floral wallpaper, faux marble, as well as molding, cornice, damask, and other types of fabric.

With Baroque fans, you can create an amazing style for any room of the home while also enjoying the benefits of the fan. When shopping, style is obviously an important factor in choosing Baroque fans but you want to remember the operation and safety of the unit too. For this reason, we suggest you look at some of the top brands. With this, you know you are buying quality, backed with an exceptional guarantee.

Other Features

You can also choose a Baroque ceiling fan with reversible speeds so you can enjoy benefits in the summer and winter months. With so many designs, you are sure to find a number of excellent choices. Remember, fans made with anything such as wood, brass, or pewter would fit with the Baroque style, incredibly stunning.