Decorative Ceiling Fans

The Tommy Bahama collection of decorative ceiling fans can add to the look of any room. All of these fans come with a remote control designed in the same style and color as the fan itself. Here are some descriptions of the types of fans you can expect to find.

Paradise Key

This fan features five beautiful, leaf-shaped blades attached to the housing by rods than end in a three-leaf cluster clamp. The blades are rimmed with metal and have an S-curve of metal on the underside for added support and a lovely design. Below the blades is a tapered bowl housing the motor and secured with an ornate nut and four metal leaves. Above is a colored uplighting bowl with accent colored glass covering the top.

The Paradise Key lamp comes with medium antiqued brown or dark cherry housing and blades, distressed bronze flanges, and amber glass. Or, for a brighter look, it comes with colonial white housing, blades, and flanges, and acid etched uplight glass.

Somerset Way Ceiling Fan

This fan features five blades, rippled on the curved outer edge, and held in place by ribbon-shaped clamps. The ribbon shape is taken up in the uplight housing above the blades. A shallow glass dome reaches above this housing. Another glass globe, shaped like a streamlined mushroom hangs below and is secured by an ornate nut.

The Somerset Way lamp comes with dark cherry housing and blades, antique silver flanges, and cloud swirl glass; teak housing and blades, stainless steel flanges, and bubble acid etched glass; or medium antiqued brown housing and blades, distressed bronze flanges, and teadust glass.

Bahama Breezes

Five thin, pointed palm leaves in dark mahogany are one look in this style. Broader pointed leaves in dark oak are another. Ordinary blades in dark cherry are a third option. Each one comes with ornate blade clamps with a palm tree design, and an ornate bronze, white, or pewter housing above. This design can be repeated in a broad, shallow bowl light fixture below if desired.


The Castaway line comes with a smooth, round housing above in pewter, bronze, brass, white, coconut creme, or pineapple crackle. The blades come in standard shape or in a variety of broad leaf shapes. These can be made of woven banana leaf, hand carved wood, sail cloth, or either of two types of rattan. One of the rattan types has a spine down the middle for added effect. The blades are held in place by a curved clamp with a raised palm tree design at the center. If light below is desired, it can be provided by three glass globes.

Pineapple Lane

Five broad canvas blades with bamboo rim and a bamboo X across the bottom distinguish one fan in this line. A round, antique brass housing below with scallops at the top and an ornate leaf design on the larger round housing above complete the design. A similar fan can be had with white blades and no rim. Rattan or bamboo blades in a broad, pointed leaf shape give another sort of look.