Westwind Ceiling Fans

Westwind Products was first established in 1984, dedicating time and effort to ensure every customer is sold the best quality and most reliable ceiling fan available. Westwind fans are so popular that the company has skyrocketed in sales. Located in Arizona, this company produces innovative designs for every décor from southwest to contemporary to traditional, and everything in between.

In addition to appearance, Westwind fans are high performance. With an increased blade pitch and improved motor size, you will find these fans producing maximum airflow. With high efficiency, great design, and an abundance of styles from which to choose, Westwind fans make one of the best values on the market. Following are a few models offered by this company.

Old Mesa

The 52-inch blade comes in a huge selection such as the multi-color, which has an illuminated motor housing light kit, the sandstone, which is warm and rich, the adobe brick with a wonderful reddish/brown color and integrated light kit, and beautiful flagstone.

Casa Grande

These fans are a little more contemporary with rounded designs that fit with any décor. You will find a number of 52-inch options such as the sandstone, which is an ivory colored fan, the adobe, and the flagstone, all with integrated light kits.


These ceiling fans have a sleek design with larger 54-inch blades. In addition to being available in flagstone, sandstone, and adobe finishes, you could also choose from iron sandstone, which is simply beautiful. Additionally, these fans come with an up/down light integrated light feature.


For these Westwind ceiling fans, you end up with more of a traditional style that is sleek in design. Choices include the adobe brick brown, flagstone, white, rust, sandstone, and verde green, all with 52-inch blades and all UL listed damp.

While Westwind is a newer fan company and doesn't have the tradition and history that other fan companies can boast about, the company has a solid product line. The company has also been trying to build its distributors over time.