Tommy Bahama Fans

For top of the line fans, you might look at Tommy Bahama fans to see what designs they offer. Without doubt, Tommy Bahama fans are distinct, which is makes them so popular. In addition, you will discover a wide range of features, adding to the level of functionality and convenience. In this article, we will discuss specific fan models, as well as more features for these fans.

One of the favorite fan choices from the Tommy Bahama collection is one designed with distressed bronze, antique brown blades, light fixture with uplighting for the ultimate in ambience, and remote control. This particular fan reeks of richness and sophistication, working exceptionally well with any room decor.

Many of the Tommy Bahama fans feature real hand-carve wood housings, along with matching blades, also hand-carved. In addition, you will find fans with a built-in 100-watt uplight, hand-held remote control, reverse rotation feature, and optional downlight. Best of all, Tommy Bahama fans are created using only the most powerful and reliable fan motor made so you can operate your fan with confidence.

Another beautiful choice is the Tommy Bahama fan made from red cherry wood. In this case, the blades are made from cherry as well to match and the light is a halogen fixture. With this fan, you would enjoy additional features such as the wall control, three speeds, full-range light dimmer, one touch reverse, and the built-in uplighting, again for creating the perfect glow. The look and feel of this fan is rugged but very classy.

Then, you might go with a fan design that has a nice antique or transitional look. Made from antique brass and duck canvas blades, you will love the look of this Tommy Bahama fan. Then, you can use the three-speed pull chain or purchase the optional remote control. This fan is also designed with a powerful Emerson motor, providing you with years of stable and quiet operation. Keep in mind that this style of fan has the blades being sold separately so you can choose the recommended choice or come up with your own style.

One of the most elegant fans by the Tommy Bahama collection is the one made from teak, which is gorgeous wood. The fan comes with matching teak blades, a hand-carved wood housing, built-in 100 watt uplight and 120-watt downlight fixture, three-speed, handheld remote control, and a 188mmx25mm Emerson motor. The design of these blades will provide you with style, as well optimal airflow for hot summer days.

Manufacturer Information:

Tommy Bahama Fans: Offers a large line of unique fans geared towards comfort, relaxation, and mathcing decor.

Tommy Bahama : Lifestyle manufacturer offers complete line of clothes, gifts, and decor.