Regency Ceiling Fans

Today, there are a number of great brands when it comes to fans. One of those that rank high for quality, style, and affordability is Regency Fans. With this company, you can choose from a wide selection ranging from traditional to contemporary to whimsical and everything in between. One of the things that make Regency Fans so unique is the number of distinct features.

Decor Matching

For starters, Regency Fans offer what is called Decor Match, which is the opportunity to customize any ceiling fan to personal taste and home decorum. In addition, Regency Fans offers Mood Glow of a large number of fans, which is an indirect light source aimed upward. This type of up lighting takes normal light, transforming it to a soft, ambient glow.

Company History

First established in 1946, Regency Fans offers not just fans but also other types of lighting, as well as lighting accessories. Best of all, everything manufactured by this company comes with an exceptional warranty and some of the best work around. In fact, Regency Fans is run by a group of professionals who are dedicated to surpassing your expectations. For this reason, they will work with you to put together the ideal fan for your home and individual needs.

Materials and Reliability

Regency Fans are also made with only the finest materials for style and reliability. For instance, there are builder fans, which are comprised of quality and durable fans used by contractors in the building of homes. Then, you might consider a number of options from the contemporary group. These fans are specially influenced by current trends. The designer series is another favorite type of fans, which feature strong geometric shapes, curved blades, and the option for diffused lighting.

Energy Efficient

The Energy Star group of ceiling fans is also a popular choice, backed by the Energy Star efficiency. This means in addition to style, you also end up with a highly energy efficient fan that can cool your home without costing a fortune. The industrial fans offered by Regency are also stunning. These particular fans feature large, 56-inch blades and a sleek, clean line style.

Kid-friendly Fans

Regency Fans also has a kid-friendly group of fans, which are colorful and fun. Then patios fans are available, which are UL damp or UL wet rated, meaning they can be used outside on covered decks or patios. Finally, Regency Fans has two other unique groups of ceiling fans, which include tropical and traditional. For tropical fans, the material matches the design while creating a great look and cool comfort. The traditional group of fans is time-honored classics, timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

Manufacturer Information:

Regency Fans: Offers ceiling fans, blades, light kits, and shades.