Panasonic Fans

There are just some fan companies that are synonymous with quality and superiority, which is exactly what you get from Panasonic. As an electronics leader, you can never go wrong with a Panasonic fan. As a leader in the manufacturing of the ventilation fan, the Panasonic models are designed to operate continuously for 100,000 hours! During that time, the fans are quiet and come with a three-year warranty.

Bathroom Fan

If you are in need of a bathroom fan, Panasonic offers tremendous solutions. For this, you would need to calculate the cubic feet of the room, which is the length times the width times the height. Then, take this number and divide it by 60. Next, take the new number, multiplying it by 8. With so many incredible styles, you will find a number of fans perfect for your home.

Ventilation Fans

One of the most popular types of Panasonic ventilation fan is called the Whisper Warm 110 CFM. This ceiling mounted fan also features a heater. That means on cold winter days, in addition to removing moisture and unwanted odors in the air, the heater will keep you nice and warm when stepping out of the shower or tub.

For this type of ventilation fan, you have a tubular, stainless steel sheathed heating element, which uses magnesium oxide for the wire connections. The result is the best heat transfer you can buy. As the name suggests, this particular fan is extremely quiet with the entire motor condenser enclosed. To create the most airflow, this fan is also designed with a blower wheel that does the job while keeping the level of noise down.

You will also find that the Panasonic Whisper line of ventilation fans come with light fixtures. With this, you can have beautiful primary lighting that also helps with heavy moisture. For this, two, 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps are used, making the illumination perfect and convent. In addition, this ventilation fan features a four-watt nightlight, perfect for smaller children.

What you will discover with Panasonic fans is that they are made to comply with specific state laws. These fans are also Energy Star rated, which means in addition to optimal operation, you also save money on energy costs. Panasonic ventilation fans also come in a wide range of options associated to room size. Therefore, regardless of the kitchen or bathroom square footage, you will have a number of beautiful styles from which to choose.

Manufacturer Information:

Panasonic Industrial Fans: Electronics company offers a range of bathroom, industrial, and ventilation fans.