Matthews Fan Company

Although there are many longstanding fan companies, we have seen a number of new companies crop up in recent years, bringing with them innovative designs for ceiling and floor fans. One of these is the Matthews Fan Company. This company was first established in 1992 and today, offers some of the most innovative fan and lighting solutions available. Most of the fan designs are contemporary, which fits in with the popular contemporary or transitional home style.

The Fans

The fans coming out of Matthews Fan Company are all handmade, using only the finest materials. Each fan design is so well made that it comes with a lifetime warranty. One example of the fans made by Matthews is called Ar Ruthiane, which has a teardrop styled center and interesting hourglass support arms that carefully hold the motor housings, which are shaped much like a bullet. This particular fan reaches 48 inches in diameter and is capable of being positioned at 180-degree arcs. With this, the maximum amount of air movement is possible. This fan model comes in a variety of finishes to include polished chrome brushed nickel, black, white, brushed copper, polished brass, polished copper, and bronze.

Another great option from the Matthews Fan Company is called the Brisa 2000. Of all the fans created by Matthews, this one is by far the most unique. This ceiling fan is rotational, made from top quality mahogany blades and a lunar counterweight. This too comes in many wonderful finishes, as well as a few special coatings not found on other fan models. Remember, with Matthews Fan Company, you are buying something that you will never see anywhere else. These fans are rotational, which is a special design that ensures optimal air movement. This means on those hot summer days, you never have to worry about being comfortable. This special design sets the Matthews fans apart from the competition.


Other benefits of choosing fans from Matthews include the amazing construction, again so unique that the designs are unrivaled. Then, the materials used are extremely high quality, which is why this company can offer a lifetime warranty on the fans it creates. Fans designed with metal blades are all damp location rated, meaning they can be hung indoors our outside on a patio, deck, balcony, or other location where dampness and moisture are usually a problem. Although the fans made by Matthews Fan Company are priced a little more than you would find with other fans, they are worth every cent. In fact, these fans are not only functional, but true works of art that enhance a room, giving it a unique personality of its own.

Manufacturer Information:

Mathews Fan Company: Distinctive maker of ceiling fans with online gallery of contemporary fans.