Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan can add a bold touch of whimsy to a room for children or to the office of an aviation enthusiast. An authenticate replica of the F-4U Corsair, with three gray blades for propellers, this fan appears as though its about to dive bomb your floor!

The Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan makes use of foreshortening effects to keep a low, ceiling-hugging profile while appearing to have an entire plane stretching up from the propellers. The gray blades have authentic red tips and attach to a red nose cone. What looks like the nose of the plane is the motor housing, painted blue. The wings and tail are blue with red tips and lie flat against the ceiling. The extended landing gear also lies flat.

Altogether, this attractive fixture grabs the attention immediately and can inspire the imagination of a child lying on his back and staring up.

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan features a full 48 inches (4 feet) of blade span. These blades can move plenty of air. The included downrod gives the fan a low profile. You’ll have all the clearance you need, even with an 8 foot ceiling. The wings and tail consist of appliqués that can mount easily on the ceiling whether the ceiling is smooth or textured.

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan is not adaptable for use with a light kit.

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan can be used with any of the following controls:

  1. Universal Video/Fan remote
  2. Three-Speed Dial Fan Control
  3. Four-Speed Slide Fan Control
  4. Fan/Light Dual Slide Control
  5. All-Fan Fan/Light Remote Control
  6. All-Fan Fan/Light Wall-Mount Control

As with all Hunter fans, the Fantasy Flyer is whisper quiet. It may look as though an F-4U is dive bombing the area, but you don’t want it to sound that way! (If you do, you can always make your own sound effects.)

Also, as with all Hunter fans, the Fantasy Flyer comes with a lifetime warranty.