Hunter Fan Overview

Although ceiling fans have been popular for decades, Hunter has changed both design and functionality, which is why they are considered one of the top ceiling fan companies in the country. In fact, Hunter has been around for about 100 years and was founded by a father son team, creating their first ceiling fan in 1886. The first designs were water pressure driven but over time when electricity became more widespread, they turned to electric models. Today, Hunter is considered a top of the line company that is extremely innovative when it comes to ceiling fans.

As you begin looking at various Hunter ceiling fans, you will be amazed at the unique designs. Just remember, the most important thing after style is to choose the right size fan for the room, which is important since ceiling fans can be beneficial during both the hot summer and cold winter months. Then, you will have your choice of add-ons and features such as finish, remote control, timers, and so on.

Additionally, Hunter ceiling fans come in both indoor and outdoor models. Therefore, if you want something classy for your bedroom, something casual for a family room or den, and then an outdoor fan that you can enjoy outdoor on your covered patio or deck, you will have your choice of multiple styles and sizes. Best of all, every Hunter ceiling fan comes with an excellent guarantee. Backed by quality, high technology, and superior customer service, you can see why Hunter is such a success.

To give you just a few ideas of the type of fans you could choose with Hunter, we have provided you with three options. First there is the Covent Garden Ceiling Fan, which also comes with some wonderful accessories. This fan is designed with intricate Victorian elements that make this a rich and classic design. The fan has a 56-inch blade span, four high grade veneer blades, a high output motor, integrated four-arm light fixture that comes with frosted or clear glass shades, an extra switch housing, three position hanging system, and all for an affordable price.

Another great option is the Zoe Ceiling Fan, also available with accessories. This fan is more on the fun side with modern features. You can choose from a number of lighting configurations that include textured linen glass to Danish modern. Because of this, you can set the mood from romantic to fun. With such diversity, whether your home is eclectic or sophisticated, the Zoe fan would be a great choice.

Finally, the Alchemy Ceiling fan offers a sleek, contemporary design that is absolutely beautiful. This fan as 54-inch blades, five-round tipped veneer blades, high performance AirMax motor, a wobble free canopy, and more. This particular fan is something you would expect to see in a New York loft with its contemporary elegance.