Hunter Ceiling Fans - Quality Control

Hunter has always had a commitment to quality. This commitment shows in both the look and durability of all their fans.

Hunter History

Hunter ceiling fans go all the way back to 1886 when John and James Hunter built their first. And from that first fan, Hunter's commitment to quality has never wavered. The fans are so well built that Hunter ceiling fans purchased more than eighty years ago are still running today.

Over the years, styles have changed, technology has improved, and research has added to our understanding of how best to move air. Hunter has kept up with it all without needing to change its basic design or compromise its commitment to quality.

Hunter Design Philosophy

The basic design perfected by John and James Hunter at the turn of the 20th century is still in use today. The motor is still housed in cast iron. Although cheaper materials are now more readily available, a cast iron housing is still the most effective way to draw heat from the electrical windings. Heat is the enemy of electrical motors, causing them to fail and shortening their lives. The cast iron housing is more than a match for this enemy.

A motor as powerful as the ones used by Hunter can especially benefit from this housing. The motor is larger than that of any other ceiling fan. It's the most powerful motor available. The power of the motor allows the blades to be pitched more steeply than they could on a regular ceiling fan. The blades are pitched at a 15 degree angle. Consequently, they move more air and produce less noise than other ceiling fans.

The moving parts of the motor are protected by a unique oil-bath lubrication system. Completely maintenance-free, this system helps the motor keep going and going.

The cast iron housing has another valuable effect. Its weight adds stability to the fan, reducing the possibility that it will wobble.

Hunter fans use factory-sealed precision bearings, heavy-gauge copper windings, and heavy-duty capacitors to further ensure that the fan will last and last.

The blades are made from real wood and are richly finished to add to the beauty of these fans.

Warranty Information

Given all the information listed above, it's not surprising that Hunter offers a lifetime warranty on all its ceiling fans. This is one of the most comprehensive ceiling fan warranties available and is another advantage for going with a larger, more well established company like Hunter.