Hunter Portable Fans

Hunter ceiling fans are well known for their quality and durability. But Hunter makes portable fans as well, with the same careful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A cheap, plastic portable fan may work for a while. It may even stay relatively quiet. But eventually it starts to get dirty in a way that can't really be cleaned. Parts start to fall or break off. You may take it apart to clean it and find that it just doesn't go back together quite right. Or you may knock against it, throwing it out of whack. Either way, a plastic fan can start to produce a great deal of noise as well. And that's even on the lowest setting. Turn it up high and you're likely to produce an unbearable racket.

Hunter's portable fans aren't made from plastic. They're put together with high quality metal. The parts are machined to exacting specifications so the fans are whisper quiet and built to stay that way. These fans aren't just there to get you through a couple of summers. They're built to last you a lifetime.

Any Hunter fan from the Century line will give you the following advantages:

  • Whisper Quiet Motor - Provides maximum air flow.
  • Aerodynamic Blade Design - Provides minimum noise.
  • Smooth Oscillation - Provides 85 degree range of continuous movement.
  • Three Speeds - Sets the air flow to the desired level.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Housing - For Vibration-Free Operation
  • Tilt Adjustable - So the fan can easily be aimed up, down, or level.
  • 5 Year Warranty - Hunter is so confident in these portable fans that they warrant them to be free from defect or problems with normal use for a full five years.

These handsome fans will add beauty to any room. They come in brushed nickel, satin black, and satin black with brushed nickel trim.

Hunter portable fans have a sturdy wire cage enclosing the fan blades. The wires are spaced closely enough that even small fingers can't accidentally reach through and be hurt. At 12 inches in diameter, they are large enough to produce significant air flow but small enough to stay out of the way.

The Hunter Century 90021 and 90022 models sit on a short base and have sturdy, wide blades to increase the air flow. The 90121 and 90122 models come with a sturdy metal adjustable-height stand. They can be set on the floor and still provide air flow at the height where you need it.

Manufacturer Information:

Hunter Fans: largest and most widely recognized maker of ceiling fans in the United States.