Emerson Ceiling Fans

Emerson offers a good array of ceiling fans with an excellent blend of types and blade sizes. The next few section will discuss some of the Emerson line in additional detail.


The Odyssey ceiling fan is just one of the many looks from Emerson. It achieves a sleek, contemporary effect can be achieved with teak blades left somewhat square (though still tapered). Add in some polished pewter with a tapered line going part way up the underside of the blade, an uplight, and a simple white bowl, flattened somewhat, beneath. This fan comes with an optional remote control.

Emerson offers many other fans as well. A simple 5-bladed fan with mahogany blades may be all you need to dress up your room. Complemented by weathered bronze supports, a white bowl beneath, and a white shade for uplighting above the fan, this fixture can make an understated yet elegant statement. The same design can take on an old-fashioned beauty simply by using a Tiffany design for the glass above and below. Or get the bowl in faux alabaster for a more weathered old-fashioned look.

Other selections for the bowl abound. You can get them in any color you like. Try amber for an understated warm glow or blue for a cool effect. And you can get the glass with etched or raised designs of flowers, olive branches, birds, leaves, etc. The bowl can be a simple convex shape, a rounded or flattened globe, or something constructed of triangular panels Alternatively, dispense with the single bowl and get a fixture with two, three, four, or even five directable shades beneath.


Or put the feel of the tropics in your room with broad, leaf-shaped blades in hand-woven wicker or sale cloth. Such wide blades require a steeper pitch to mount them all, allowing you excellent air movement even at slow speeds. Connect them to a polished brass fixture for a durability with elegance.


For a room for a child or the office of an aviation enthusiast, try a fan with biplane like blades. Each of the five blades is actually two blades, an upper and a lower one, connected by crossed wires. You will feel as though the room is about to take off.


Although most fans come with four or five blades, it is possible to get one with more or fewer. A two-bladed fan can provide a clean, non-cluttered look. It may also serve to draw attention to an ornate housing at the center. A six-bladed fan can provide an eye-catching symmetry and a contemporary feel. A three-bladed fan can draw second and even third glances, surprising the viewer with the unexpected.

The blades can come in just about any material you can think of. Cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, wicker, and sturdy cloth are just a few examples. The wooden blades can be stained, or they can be painted any color. The metal housing and supports can be aluminum, brass, bronze, pewter, or copper. Polished, these metals can gleam, showing off reflections of the fan blades and the light fixture. Brushed, these metals can provide a more understated beauty. Go for a modern, stainless steel look or an older-fashioned high society look in polished brass. Aluminum is especially versatile since it can be painted any color.

Manufacturer Information:

Emerson Fans: Ceiling fan manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in the business. Also produces other household products.