Casablanca Fans Overview

While there are many great ceiling fan manufacturers on the market today, one that outshines the others is a Casablanca ceiling fan. If you look around, at first glance it may appear as if all fans are created equal but in truth, there are very important differences that should be a part of your decision-making process. This way, your ceiling fan will last for years, providing you with a comfortable and beautiful home. Be sure you look at the authenticity of the design and take time to compare durability, performance, quality, and of course, warranty.

What makes a Casablanca ceiling fan so unique is that the engineering and manufacturing are top of the line. In fact, Casablanca takes a new approach to the design and creation of their fans, making sure that each meets very strict guidelines. The detailing is absolutely meticulous and the components for operation the best. That way, you have the assurance in knowing your fan will last for years with perfect operation every time.

With Casablanca ceiling fans, each is made to address a certain style. In fact, Casablanca announces new products every year, keeping their line exciting and fun. For instance, this year, a new Casablanca ceiling fan was introduced called the Scandia. For this fan, you would notice a distinctive integrated light fixture and fluid shapes. The clean lines and sophistication of this fan is making it a hot seller. However, Casablanca has many more.

Take the Modena for instance. This ceiling fan has patented dynamic blades that make this an ideal choice for smaller rooms. Then, there is the Panama Halo fan. For this, you would enjoy a soft, golden glow on the ceiling. For the Wilderness Collection, there are rustic ceiling fans along with wall sconces, torchieres, pendants, table lamps, and more. Again, Casablanca shakes it up to ensure customers have a wonderful array of choices. Best of all, Casablanca offers an amazing warranty and customer service.

The flan blades are set at the exact angle for optimum performance and many of the Casablanca ceiling fans are labeled with the Energy Star, ensuring you get the most energy efficiency fan as possible. The fans are also designed for forward and reverse operation for better circulation in both summer and winter, and many more wonderful benefits. Finally, the finishes of the fans are superb, again, providing you with the ultimate in performance.