Casablanca Ceiling Fans - Motors

The motor is the most important component of a ceiling fan. The blades may look pretty and the housing may gleam. But if the motor does not provide the power and the quietness you need, the fixture is merely a decoration.

For this reason, Casablanca does not buy its ceiling fan motors off the shelf. Casablanca motors are designed, engineered, and manufactured in house to ensure complete quality control. Each motor is designed with a specific fan application in mind, ensuring that the motor that drives your fan is not merely the best fit you can find. It is the perfect fit.

Casablanca XLP-2000

The Casablanca XLP-2000 series motor is larger and more powerful than any of its competitors. This means the motor can run cooler while moving more air. Less powerful motors may have to strain, heating up while they do their work, reducing the amount of air they can move, noticeably adding to the noise of operation, and shortening the life of the motor.

The XLP-2000 uses large copper windings and a taller stack for greater operating efficiency. The stator is coated with a protective varnish to combat the effects of humidity both indoors and out. The rotor and shaft are dynamically balanced, eliminating vibration and wobble. And with all that, the Casablanca XLP-2000 series motor is maintenance free. Its precision ball bearings have a lifetime lubrication that will keep the fan going and going.

Silent-Flex Flywheel

A fan with the Casablanca XLP-2000 series motor is whisper quiet on its own. Couple it with the Casablanca Silent-Flex flywheel and it will be noise free. The Silent-Flex flywheel has a unique shock-absorbing system that keeps the whole apparatus running ultra-smooth.

Casablanca Direct Drive Motors

For a different approach, try the cutting edge design of Casablanca Direct Drive motors. These state of the art motors lead the industry in engineering and material quality. Constructed from premium steel and copper, with excellent material densities and laminations, these motors provide cooler, quieter operation. Add in engineering that perfectly coordinates the motor with housing, blade holders, and blades, and you've got a fan that will last you a lifetime.

Manufacturer Information:

Casablanca: popular maker of ceiling fans with a large collection of fan designs and types.