A prospective ceiling fan buyer has many different choice when it comes to ceiling fans. There are many different brands of ceiling fans. Each brand has its own unique product line. This article will briefly try to delineate the major ceiloing fan brands. It will also attempt to provide an brief overview of each company, their position in the market, and a brief introduction to their product lines. To obtain additional details on a particular company, browse an article that is dedicated to a particular company on this Cool Ceiling Fans website.

Hunter Ceiling Fans

The Hunter Fan Company was founded in 1886 by a father son team. Neddless to say, the company has been in the ceiling fan business a long time. When you look at the Hunter product line, you see a wide variety of ceiling fan products. Hunter offers both indoor and outdoor ceiling fan models. The company has an extensive blade selection (sizes range from 36 to 62 inches)and has models to match most decor (hundreds of models). The company also offers a great range of lighting products and the fans also feature controls. The Hunter's designs are pretty conservative, but are quite suitable for almost all types of homes or offices.

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Fan company also has a lot of experience in the business. The stregnth of Casablanca lies in their design and their unique styles. The company's product line is not as extensive as Hunter. However, many of their models appear sharper and offer some distrinctive elements. The sharp angles and metalic sides are great. In addition, the company unique blade styles can make a room unique. The company's engineering is good and they offer standard fan components like motors, blades, controls, and accessories. Casablanca also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its ceiling fan products.

Regency Ceiling Fans

Regency has been producing consumer products since 1946. Consequently, the company has a lot of experience in the ceiling fan business and is one of the older, more established, manufacturers. Additionally, the company's parent company, Tacony Corporation, also produces many other types of home decor and home design producs. These range from lighting to flooring and are sold under many different brands. Regency also has an established network of suppliers and dealers. The company's product line is extensive and is worth a loook for people shopping for ceiling fans. The company sells many different types of fans, blades, and accessories. since the product line is large, there is a fan type and style to match almost any type of decor.