Stealth Blades

Casablanca Stealth ceiling fans make a bold contemporary statement with swept wing blades, rounded corners, and integrated halogen lamps.

The blades of a Stealth ceiling fan are straight on all three edges, tapering slightly inward as the blade goes out from the housing. The outward right corner of the blade is stylishly capped either in a complementary color or, for a more understated effect, in the same color but with a different finish.

The blades themselves cover a 53 inch span and are set at a 14 degree pitch. The whole effect of this modern design makes the fan look as though it is straining forward even when it is not moving at all.

Stealth blades are available in the following colors:

  • Architectural White
  • Snow White
  • Bleached Oak
  • Dark Cherry
  • Graphite
  • Hi-Gloss Black
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Platinum
  • Teak

Consider a Stealth fan with snow white blades, snow white housing, and snow white corner caps for a beautiful, eye-catching sheen. For a lighter, airier look, leave the housing and corner caps white, but change the blades to a light bleached oak.

For a delightful mix of contemporary and old-fashioned, get this contemporary design with dark cherry blades and a weathered copper housing with weathered copper corner caps to match. The juxtaposition of older looking more traditional materials with a more modern design can be quite intriguing.

For an ultra-modern effect, choose the platinum blades with platinum housing and corner caps. The blades themselves are in a matte finish so that the eye is not blinded. The corner caps and housing are lightly polished to add some sheen.

For the same modern effect, but a little more understated, choose the graphite blades with graphite housing and graphite corner caps.