Replacement Blades

If you have a fan with damaged or ineffective blades, you do not have to replace the entire fan, just the blades. In fact, the replacement blades could be identical to those you already have or this might be an ideal time to choose something different, perhaps more decorative. Replacement blades are easy to find and quite affordable, making them an excellent option for keeping your fan in perfect operation.

The key however, is to choose replacement fan blades made for the type of fan you have. You see, each manufacturer will have specifications for the types of blades you could use. While some universal options exist, you would typically choose blades from the same manufacturer as the fan to ensure optimum performance. The specifications generally include weight, shape, and size.


Now, if you find replacement fan blades at your local home improvement store and they meet the specifications provided by the manufacturer, you could probably use them without any problem. Again, you want to make sure that everything lines up, including the holes in which the screws would be placed. With any fan replacement, the number one consideration is safety so it is imperative that the blades fit properly.


If you find blades that meet specifications but they have no holes pre-drilled for assembly, you could drill the holes yourself or have someone do it for you. If you decide to perform the drilling, start by using the bracket as your template on which you would mark the necessary holes. Then, line them up for all of the blades, and choose a drill bit that is the same size. Just make certain that the holes are drilled to line up perfectly with the fan. Otherwise, the fan will not operate on balance, causing wobbling and possibly noise.

Another consideration when it comes to replacement fan blades has to do with the palm leaf design, which has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Due to the unique design, these blades have to match up perfectly. If you do not choose the same type of palm fan, you will experience problems with slow operation. With this, the motor of the fan experiences wear and tear, ultimately being damaged. You will also find that incorrect replacement might affect the air movement produced by the fan.

By choosing the exact type of blade, or going with the option the manufacturer recommends, you know that without doubt, you will have no problems. Once the blades are in place, you can again enjoy a cool breeze and no worry about safety issues or damage to the existing fan.