Ceiling Fan Pulls

Today, a number of ceiling fans are run by wall switches or remote controls. However, for some people, they still enjoy the nostalgic look and feel of using fan pulls. Because of this, you will find a huge selection of pulls to match any person's personal preference. In this article, we have gathered some great options together to give you some idea of what you might find when shopping for ceiling fan pulls.

For a contemporary, you might consider a crystal ball. With a pull of 12 inches, this pull is made from acrylic, adding real character. In fact, the crystal ball often creates a beautiful reflection, making it a popular choice. Now, you could take the same ball concept but this time, you might choose wood, which looks great in a sophisticated or country style room. For the wood, you will find a number of options to include oak, walnut, cherry, pine, and more.

Now, if you want something whimsical or you have a nautical themed room with a ceiling fan, you could go with a dolphin pull. Again, measuring 12 inches, this pull is the perfect length for ease of operation while putting a smile on your face. Also made from acrylic, this type of ceiling fan pull will last and last. Another nice acrylic option is the diamond, which would work in any room.

For something a little more elegant or formal, there is the brass English ivy fan pull. You can find this in high gloss or polished brass, both simply beautiful. In this same realm, there is the polished brass Asian pull, which is gorgeous and unique, as well as a polished brass Oriental pull, which has a somewhat different style. However, both of these ceiling fan pulls would work great in a bedroom or family room.

For a family room, the brass ideogram or brass arrow would be excellent choices. These too come in 12-inch lengths to make operation easy. If you are more the outdoors type, you might consider a ceramic pinecone with an ivory color, or the Maple leaf. Even the polished or brushed brass twisted rope makes a nice casual but interesting statement. Other possibilities for ceiling fan pulls include:

  • Brass Shell
  • Sphere
  • Climbing Monkey
  • Asian Garden
  • Rooster
  • Gothic Cross
  • Fleur de Lis
  • Tear Drop
  • Hummingbird
  • Pagoda
  • Sand Dollar
  • Other pull colors can include: Black, white, yellow, green blue, or red crackle ceramic