Ceiling Fan Lights

Just as there are hundreds of styles for ceiling fans, you will also discover a huge selection of ceiling fan lights. Although some people use the fan only without a light, most prefer to have the light, which is used as the primary source for the room. With a ceiling fan, the air in your room will be circulated, making the room more comfortable while reducing the cost of your monthly utility bill.

Lighting Factors

The type of ceiling fan light you choose will depend on a number of factors. For instance, fans come in a wide range of sizes, as well as number of blades. Therefore, you would want to choose a light fixture that balances out the look of the fan. If the fan were a large size of 62 inches, you would need something spectacular and dominant. However, if you have a small, 40-inch fan, then you would need to go with a smaller light, again to balance with the size of the fan.

Fan Lighting Styles

In addition to size, ceiling fan lights also come in a huge choice of styles. In addition to traditional lights, contemporary lights, and era based lights such as Neoclassical, Art Deco, or Victorian, you will also find lights that are colorful and whimsical. In this case, you might choose a soccer ball, baseball, airplane, or pink globe for a child’s room. Then for the adult bedroom, you could choose something sophisticated or even romantic to create ambience.

Tiffany Art Glass

Another popular type of ceiling fan light is one made from Tiffany art glass. For this, you could choose authentic Tiffany glass, which is relatively expensive but simply stunning, or a reproduction that would still offer the same beautiful color but at a discounted price. Designed as 12-inch art glass diffusers, the Tiffany glass goes beautifully with any style or finish of fan. For this light, you would simply use two, 60-watt bulbs and enjoy a gorgeous illumination.

Lead Crystal

Lead crystal is another popular choice for ceiling fan lights. This material is very elegant, making it a perfect choice for a formal setting. As an example, you could use a gorgeous ceiling fan made from rich wood such as cherry or mahogany coupled with the lead crystal for a spectacular appearance. Although lead crystal would go with just bout any fan finish, it does have a more upscale look.

Bowl Light Fixtures

Other options include bowl light fixtures, which include finials in bright brass, antique brass, white, and nickel, along with decorative ceiling fan lights. For these, the options are incredible. No matter the style of fan, the size of the fan, or the finish on the fan, decorative lights are abundant, meaning you will find whatever you want.